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Šibenik is a city known for its four fortresses that surround and shape the city's landscape, each for itself a tourist attraction which offers a city view from different and interesting perspectives. The town itself is situated in a well protected and highly indented bay at the mouth of the river Krka, connected by the open by St Ante sea channel. Just at the entrance of the channel on an islet the fort of St Nikola rises out of the sea. This building was built in the mid 16th century during the Venetian occupation of Šibenik to defend the city from Turkish attacks from the sea. The fort has an interesting triangular shape. The lower part is made of stone, while the top par is made of the brick (brick absorbs cannonball attacks).
The fort that once guarded the city from the sea is a pearl that to tourists often unjustifiably remains hidden. This fort is located outside the city and if you want to visit it, you have to make a little extra effort, which guests at a short visit to Šibenik, in the desire to explore more of the city often fail to invest. This fort is the most interesting Šibenik fort and we definitely recommend that you visit it upon arrival in Šibenik. You can reach it in ten minute drive in the direction Zablaće, following the signs and passing two small salt lakes in the hinterland of Zablaće. Boat owners can approach the fort from the sea. The fort is located on a small island which is at low tide connected to the mainland. Unfortunately, land access to the fort is not arranged and at high tide be prepared to wade into the shallows to access the fort. Walking through the shallows to the fort you easily identify yourself with the invaders who, standing in front of this building must have felt small and powerless, which the history confirms and says that the invaders had never dared to attack it. Fort in those times was armed with 32 cannons, and the channel was closed for enemy ships by a great chain spread between the fort and the cape of Jadrija. Walk on the fort, take a peek at its hidden nooks and enjoy the beautiful view of the canal of St Ante and Šibenik archipelago.

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