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Murter is the largest village on the island Murter and the center of life of the island. An excellent choice for those who want to rest in a small village on the island where the summer is alive and full of content. Murter is known for its beautiful, natural beaches, numerous islands and islets that surround it, and excursions to the National Park Kornati. It is popular to fans of swimming and sailing. Sandy beach Slanica is one of the most beautiful beaches in Dalmatia and the center of daily life in Murter, but if you like quieter beaches you will find them in the immediate vicinity of the town. Hramina bay, where the center is situated ,offers a safe harbor in the marina, and many other small private queys. Murter is also known for its fine restaurants, good fish offer and quality olive oil.


Murter is situated on the northwest of the island Murter, in a large bay Hramina, surrounded by islands that protect it from the storm. The attractiveness of this location has been recognized by the ancient Romans, who rested here in their villas, as evidenced by ancient remains Colentum. The old part of town with typical Dalmatian village made of narrow streets, stone houses and small closed courtyards is located at the foot of the hill of St Rok. Murter ,over the years, while increasing has focused on the sea so that the center moved to the coast. Today, when life was centered around the center on the coast, this lovely, old Murter center often remains unexplored and undeservedly undetected by many tourists. Murter is surrounded by four hills, which are fantastic sightseeing points from which is possible to see the entire surrounding area, and the most impressive view is from the highest hill Raduč. The beaches are located on the southwest coast. These are natural sandy bays with the azure color of the sea surrounded by rocky coastline and pine trees. It is possible to bath along the entire coastline so the beach zone basically does not stop. Slanica is the most popular beach, located near to the village. The other beaches on the southwest coast are a bit outside of the village.
Murter is a fishing village with a large fleet of fishing boats, and therefore the restaurants in Murter are always well stocked with fresh fish, clams and crabs. In Murter people eat well because even average restaurants are quite good. Grilled fish seasoned with olive oil is fantastic and pizza is the best in the area. Murter has only one hotel, but you will easily find accommodation in the private apartments. The offer is and there is an accommodation for every taste and every pocket. We designed the "Guide for apartment selection" so you'll be familiar with the various parts of Murter and we will help you to choose the location that suits your needs best. Particularly attractive is the offer of Robinson tourism in fishermen houses in secluded bays on the island Murter as well as the islets near Murter.


We recommend
- Swimming at some of the famous beaches of Murter - Slanica, Cigrada, Podvrske
- Visiting the old part of Murter - Selo
- Going up to one of the sightseeing spots - Raduc hill, Sv Rok, Gradina and Veliki Vrsak
- Renting a boat and explore the islands and bays near Murter
- Going on an excursion to the National Park Kornati
- Visiting the ancient remains - Colentum
- Eating dinner at one of the excellent fish restaurants - Tic-Tac, Fabro, Cigrada, Kezo, Zameo ih vjetar, Rebac
- Touring by bike trails that pass near isolated bays and hills


Beach Slanica is the most famous and most popular beach on the island Murter. It is situated on the southwest coast of the island of Murter in a sandy bay which has a view of the National Park Kornati. Slanica is a sandy and shallow beach, ideal for families with small children and for everyone who loves sand and sport activities on the sandy sea shallows. During the afternoon when everybody is at the beach, the beach Slanica is the center of life in Murter. The beach is full of content and people. Here you can go on the slide, play tennis, beach volleyball, rent a paddle boat or jet ski, have a refreshing drink, eat pizza or a full lunch. In short, if you want content, go to Slanica. There is everything what Murter offers. A rocky coastline with pine trees contionues on the sandy part of the beach, so the beach zone extends to more than a kilometer on either side and connects to the beaches and Podvrske and Čigrađa. Near the beach is a large camp of the same name. Parking is situated along the beach and is used with charge.


Beach Luke is Murter town beach located in the heart of Murter, in an area that continues to center. If you are located in one of the houses near the center, this beach will be the fastest refreshment. Beach Luke is a pebbly and sandy beach, which has an easy access to the sea and is ideal for elder people and children. Sunbathing is possible on the large concrete blocks, the shade can be found among the tamarisk trees and the beach is also equipped with showers. Children will look forward to swings and seesaws, and adults will look forward to a couple of beach bars that are situated right on the beach. Near the beach Luke are situated a few restaurants, a grocery store, rent a boat, fruit store, bank and other facilities.


Beach Čigrađa is a sandy, pebbly and rocky beach situated at the entrance of Murter. It is open to the sea  all the way to the Kornati islands. The central, sandy part of the beach is closed by a little harbour. Murter citizens like to to go to this beach because it is small and intimate. Čigrađa is Slanica in miniature. The beach is quite similar to Slanica, but less loud and without content. Rocky coastline which continues to the sandy part Čigrađa is crisscrossed with ravines filled with pebbles. Some rocks are flattened and ideal for sunbathing. Pine trees are growing down to the coast and provide shade. At the beach Čigrađa is situated the restaurant of the same name with friendly staff and excellent cuisine , as well as beach bar Lantana with its unique atmosphere and great music. The sea is crystal clear and the coastline rich in fish, so the bay is also interesting for the diving. On the south shore of Čigrađa continue  two bays, Velika Doca and Mala Doca, which can be reached only on foot.


Podvrske Beach is a large, beautiful, sandy and pebbly bay closed by an islet which is connected to the mainland. It is situated on the southwest coast of Murter near the village Murter and beach Slanica. Podvrske is a large bay where everyone can find a part of the beach for themselves. Pebbly and sandy part of a beach is usually preferred by families with children, and the rocky coast and the peninsula for those who prefer privacy and want to find more peace. On the peninsula there is a large quey suitable for fishing or sea diving. Pine forest covers the entire area and provides a thick shade. Beach Podvrske is a natural bay which captivates the beauty of nature, and there is not much content and signs of human intervention. From content there are only two pleasant, unobtrusive beach bars. The bay can be reached on foot along the coast to the beach or drive through the country road from the town Murter. By the beach Podvrske, surrounded by pine trees there is a large parking lot that is used with a charge.

Velika Doca and Mala Doca

Beaches Velika Doca and Mala Doca are small, secluded, wild bays on the southwest side of the island Murter, which are not accessible by car, but they are easily accessible on foot by a narrow lane along the sea spread from the beach Čigrađa to the beach Kosirina. If you want to get away from people and find solitude within a fifteen minute walk along the shore, these beaches would be the beast choice. On those beaches the untouched nature is waiting for their visitors- the shore, sand, rocks and crystal clear sea. Velika Doca and Mala Doca are not officially nudist beach, but because of their peace and privacy they have become a favorite destination for nudists.


Beach Zdrače is the town beach of Betina located in a bay on the edge of town close to Murter. The beach is popular for families with small children because of its easy access for swimming as well as because it has a plenty of facilities for children. Playground is fully fenced and it has a slide, swings and seesaws. Next to the playground there is a football field with artificial grass. Beach Zdrače is divided into two parts separated by a small waterfront ideal for diving. Part of the beach near the playground  is closer Murter and it is is pebbly which sand in the shallow water. Part of the beach closer to the center of Betina is paved and suitable for sunbathing. These concrete blocks provide a direct access to the fine sand in the sea. On the beach can be used showers and among additional facilities there is also a beach bar. The shade is provided by a couple of huge pine trees as well as  the tamarisk line, and the parking lot that is used with charge.


We recommend apartments in the center of Murter if you want an apartment from which you will in a couple of steps to get to restaurants, cafes, markets and other facilities that center of Murter provides. You do not have to worry about the proximity of the city, because it does not mean a noisy location. Murter is a peaceful place, and the apartments are located in the quiet streets situated aside.


Apartments in Podraduč zone are located near the sea, surrounded by pine trees and have a wonderful view of Kornati islands. If you want to go out of the apartment and be directly by to the sea and swim  by the rocky beach in front of the house, the area Podraduc is the right choice. This part of the coast of Murter continues to the beach Slanica, the most popular sandy beach on the island Murter, and it consists of two streets - Podraduč and Turisticka. Podraduč is the most popular and most expensive location in Murter.


Put Jersan is the street by the sea along the southwestern shore of the bay Hramina which continues to the center of Murter. Put Jersan apartments are especially interesting for those who are looking for a boat mooring. All houses on this street have their own quey in front of the house so there you can easily find a safe place for boat. Apartments also have a nice view on the entire bay in which Murter is situated.


The old part of Murter, which is called Selo draws attention with its stone houses, narrow streets and an atmosphere that evokes the past and reminds us how people lived once upon a time. Center of Murter  with its summer crowds has moved by the sea and the old village on th foot St Rok hill has remained an oasis of peace for the fans of the ancient athmosphere. Apartments at this location have a most common parking lot located 100-200 meters away, which might be a small disadvantage, but also an advantage because it encourages you to the concept of a vacation that includes more peace and physical activity by walking the village or to a nearby beach Čigrađa.


Apartments near beach Slanica is a good choice for those who want to spend their vacation on the most beautiful and the most popular sandy beach on the island Murter. Beach Slanica is particularly appealing to those who have children because of its sandy, shallow shore and numerous contents. Near the beach Slanica are situated affordable apartments, located between the Murter center and a green zone, in the streets Put Slanice and Zrtava ratova, as well as a bit more expensive and attractive apartments with a wonderful sea view in the street Vlake.


Because of their ideal position, apartments near the town beach Luke encourage you to park your car and walk everywhere by foot. Luke beach is a pebbly and sandy beach with concrete blocks, with a sun shade of tamarisk trees and swings for children. It is not the most attractive beache on the island because it is situated in the center of Murter, but it allows you to swim in the immediate vicinity of the apartment, and the popular beach Slanica and center are only 5-10 minutes away on foot.


If you are looking for a smaller and more intimate bay in Murter that will become your favorite swimming point, good choice for you would be an apartment near the beach Čigrađa. Čigrađa is a small sandy and rocky bay surrounded by a beautiful nature. From Čigrađa it is easy to walk up to two hidden bays – Velika Doca and Mala Doca. Apartments overlooking the beach Čigrađa are situated in new houses with a beautiful sea view. To Čigrađa also gravitates an old village  - Selo with picturesque stone houses.


The beach Podvrške is a big and attractive sandy and rocky bay located outside the town but easily accessible from the part of Murter, which is oriented to this beach in 5-10 minutes. This is a quiet area outside the normal traffic flow in Murter and apartments close to the beach Podvrske are a good choice for those who want to be close to town, but yet a little aside.

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