If you can not decide where to stay check out our quick tourist guide through destinations, attractions of the area, beautiful beaches and opportunities for active holidays in order to choose the location and accommodation that suits you best.

If you want to feel the magic of life on the island and trips to national parks and major cities in the area attract you, Tisno is the ideal destination for you because it is, as a whole island Murter, connected to the mainland by bridge and accessible by car. Tisno is situated at the narrow passage where island Murter almost touches the mainland. Tisno is known for its long, arranged coastal promenade, spacious squares, good accommodation and lovely sandy and rocky beaches. Beaches are located at the edges of the village, rich in content and suitable for swimming for the entire family. Houses in Tisno stretch in several lines along the coast so all of them are close to the sea and almost all apartments have a nice sea view.


Tisno is situated in the narrow passage on the north coast of the island of Murter, where the island is closest to the mainland, and the whole village was named after this strait (Tisno). The island Murter is situated just 6 meters from the mainland, so in the early 18th century was built a bridge which connects the island to the mainland. Tisno has been a local administration center for the long time, which can be seen in its architecture in the city center. In the old part of the village houses and squares are a bit bigger than the other village centers on the island, so the center of Tisno has the appearance of a well arranged town center. The cener is located on the island site, a few hundred meters southeast of the bridge, and the bridge represents a main point of the village where life in Tisno takes place. Walking along the shore near the bridge you will find fine restaurants, typical taverns, cafes with spacious terraces, ice cream stands, and on the waterfront in the center you will often see swimmers who, because of the clean sea and the peace in the center during the day, gladly use it as a swimming point. Tisno is a settlement that has very long coastline and there you will easily find an apartment with a place for boat, and often it is also possible to swim on the shore in front of the house. The beaches are situated on both sides of the island at the edges of the village so Tisno provides its guests with four beautiful beaches. A wide pebbly bay Jazina is the most popular beach in Tisno, it is rich in content, so you'll easily have fun all day. Rich in contents are also pebble beaches Lovišća and Rastovac, and if you are looking for a quiet beach we recommend that you look for a secluded location on a rocky beach Iza Andrije. The first visitors who came to the island of Murter have stayed exactly in Tisno, so this place has a long tradition of tourism and a wide variety of accommodation. We offer accommodation in a large number of apartments in all locations around the village, as well as a few pensions and two small family hotels. Get to know the advantages of certain locations within the resort in our "The selection of the location of apartments guide." Tisno is known for its great religious festival dedicated to Our Lady of Caravaggio on 26th May.


We recommend
- Swimming at some of the famous beaches in Tisno - Jazina, Lovišća, Iza Andrije, Rastovac
- Exploring natural bays on the south side of the island Murter, only few kilometers from Tisno
- Going up to one of the sightseeing spots - hills Karavaj, Grančina, Čvrdak
- Renting a boat and explore the islands and bays near Tisno
- Going on an excursion to the National Park Kornati from nearby Murter
- Visiting the ancient church and the remains at the site near Ivinj
- Eating dinner at one of the restaurants - Toni, Brošćica, Carmen, Prova


Beach Lovišća is a large pebble bay situated near Tisno and Jezera. Lovišća bay continues on Tisno on the island side towards Murter, looking to the northeast. In Lovišća is settled a high quality camp site and a holiday resort. Beach is clean and rich in content. Most of the beach is pebbly and ideal for children, and a small part consists of concrete decks. Access to the sea is easy from both parts. You can spend an active day with beach volleyball, tennis, mini golf, jet-ski ...Children will enjoy jumping into the water with slides, pedal boats, trampolines, water park... And those who want to enjoy a peaceful vacation will look forward to comfortable chairs, a coffee bar and restaurant, where they can taste domestic beverages and cuisine. Parking is located above the bay and not charged, but there is the entrance fee to the beach.


Beach Jazina is situated in a large pebbly bay located on the edge of the mainland side of Tisno. While Tisno faces south, bay Jazina is facing north, overlooking Pirovac channel, where the sea is quite shallow and closed, so it is always warmer than the other beaches and ideal for long, relaxing bath. Access to the sea is rocky and soft, suitable for toddlers and for playing in the shallows. The bay Jazina there is a camping site with infrastructure which provides many facilities, so the beach is suitable for longer stay. On the beach, you can easily rent chairs, umbrellas or paddleboats, play table tennis, beach volleyball or mini golf, and the coffee shop, fast food and a market are also at hand. Part of the coast is covered and transformed into a beach facility for sunbathing, and the entire bay is shaded by pine trees. Guests who are staying at the camping site can park their car on the parking lots of camping, while for visitors there is a secured parking lot in front of the camp which is used without charge.

Iza Andrije

Beach Iza Andrije is a long natural rocky beach that stretches along the eastern coast of the island Murter and it is located just a few hundred meters from the last houses in the village Tisno. Its unusual name is derived from the church of Sv. Andrew which is located on a hill above the beach. The beach can be reached only by foot path through the pine forest. Parking is located along a road in a village near the beach so it is a part of a city parking and it is used for a fee. Iza Andrije is an intimate beach where there are no crowds, and the shade of pine trees whose branches reach down to the sea beach provides additional relaxing atmosphere. One part of the coast is arranged in order to facilitate access to the sea, which is a central part of the beach with the biggest number of swimmers. The beach zone continues along the coast to the south where the beach Iza Andrije connects to the beach Zaratić in Jezera.


Beach Rastovac is a large pebble beach with paved parts which is located just before the entrance to Tisno. Within the bay is located a holiday resort Hostin. The beach is well maintained and is ideal for families with children. On pebbly and concrete part of the beach continues rocky coastline with pine trees, so there will also be something for those who prefer a more natural beach. Beach Rastovac is located a little out of hand so it is often unjustly forgotten by guests who are more oriented on the beaches on the island Murter. It is mostly used by guests which have rented the apartments in the houses nearby. In this bay in July is organized a Garden Festival with a rich program of dance music, so beach Rastovac then becomes a real party destination.


Center of life in Tisno takes place near the bridge on the island and the mainland side of the village. Apartments in this location provide a sense of participation in the life of a small Dalmatian town. You need just a couple of steps to get to the terrace of numerous restaurants or cafes and enjoy drinks and local specialties. Particularly interesting are the apartments that are located in the small streets leading from the center to the hill because they are offering complete peace and a beautiful sea view.


We recommend apartments in the street Pod Garmom if you are looking for an apartment by the sea in a quiet area where you can swim in a crystal clear water in front of the house and put the ship at berth. Pod Garmom is a quiet impasse, the houses are located next to the pine forest and the apartments have a beautiful sea and center view. This street is located at the entrance to Tisno, a little farther from the center of the village, and the nearest beach is a beautiful pebble bay Rastovac.


Apartments near the beach Jazine is the favorite choice of guests who want to spend a lot of time on the city's most popular beach. Jazina is a large pebble bay with warm sea, ideal for the entire family. The street Put Jazine, which stretches along the coast and has a number of secure mooring places is especially sought. All apartments have a beautiful view to the sea, the sand the bay Lovisca and Betina in the distance. In the street there are several small pensions.


If you are looking for an apartment that is located close to the beach with plenty of content, and also quite close to the city, a good choice would be one of the apartments near the beach Lovišća. The apartments are located on a street Put Broscice, where houses are grouped along the hill in a few lines. All houses are connected to the main road by stairs. Because of their position all apartments have a fantastic sea view, but unfortunately parking space only in a public parking lot. Parking is included in the price, but there is no fix parking space.


We recommend apartments near the beach Iza Andrije to those who like a more peaceful location and swimming on smaller, more secluded beaches. Iza Andrije is the rocky beach in the shade of a pine forest, where you will easily find a little intimacy. The apartments are located in a zone on the edge of the village, and the center is only a few hundred meters away, so this could be your ideal holiday location without a car.


Garden festival, which features some of the best performers of electronic and dance music is held in July in Tisno, in a bay Rastovac. Accommodation in the bay can be found in the apartment complex Hostin. This site is outside the village, but close by we have a big range of quality apartments. Particularly attractive are the apartments in the street Pod Garmom that stretches along the coast, where it is possible to swim in front of the house.

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