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Jezera is a small village located on the island of Murter in a well protected bay with a beautiful coastal promenade. The place is known for its friendly people and many beautiful natural bays in the immediate vicinity of the village. If you love natural bays and swimming at secluded locations, we recommend holidays in Jezera. A pebble beach Lučica and a rocky beach Zaratić are situated on village boarders, and nearby Jezera there are eight beautiful natural bays. Jezera is a favorite destination fishing enthusiasts and it is known for its rich fishing tradition, offering good fish restaurants, as well as the competition in a big game fishing. Jezera are also a favourite destiation for yachtsmen because of good marinas and interesting surrounding archipelago. Sailing school in Jezera is one of the best on the Adriatic.


Jezera is situated on the southeast of the island Murter in the bay well protected from the wind and surrounded by picturesque hills. The old center of Jezera is located in the central part of the bay. The real center of Jezera is situated directly on the sea, along the coastal promenade, adorned with small gardens with Mediterranean herbs. There are ralso estaurants, bars, shops and other facilities that Jezera provide, as well as a fully equipped modern marina. The center of Jezera is often a lively during summer period because of the several festivities and concerts held at that period. The old part of town (the old center), full of stone houses and courtyards with fig, almond and mulberry trees, is located a few hundred meters above the bay, in the vicinity of fields that used to feed inhabitants of Jezera. That fields are a symbol of Jezera, because on it in autumn heavy rains create two large lakes that, from which the whole village got its name (Jezera-Lakes). Jezera has two beaches that are located near to the village, on village boarders. A long and wide pebbly beach Lučica is the most popular beach in Jezera and it is situated on the southwest coast. Zaratić is a rocky beach located in the shade of pine trees on the northeast coast of Jezera. Southwest of the beach Lučica is situated a number of beautiful natural bays reachable by country roads, by car or on foot: Kamenčine, Gušćica, Nozdra, Potripica, Vrti luka, Sv Nikola, Koromašna, Pod Jasenovac... For those who prefer the beach with a lot of facilities over natural bays we recommend beach Lovišća, is located west of the entrance to the village Jezera. This beach is a part of the camping site but the entrance is open to all guests. Beach is clean and has a lot of facilities, so that you can hire deck chairs, pedal boats, enjoy the aquapark, or try your hand at tennis. Accommodation in Jezera is offered in quality apartments which are located throughout the village. Use our "Guide for selecting location of apartment" and get to know the advantages of certain locations in Jezera and find the one that is perfect for you and your family. We want to facilitate the selection and make it entertaining, but we advise you not to bother too much with the location because Jezera is a small and relaxed place where everything is so close that if you choose an apartment that you like, no matter of the location, you certainly will not go wrong.


We recommend
- Swimming at one of the beautiful beaches in Jezera - Zaratić , Lučica, Kamenčine, Gušćica, Vrtiluka, Sv Nikola, Koromašna, Pod Jasenovac…
- Visiting the old part of Jezera - Selo
- Going to one of the sightseeing spots - hills Kružak and Čvrdak
- Renting a boat and explore the islands and bays near Jezera – Školjić, Borovnik, Ljutac, Bisaga ...
- Going on an excursion to the National Park Kornati from Murter
- Eating dinner at one of the excellent fish restaurants - Kandela, Leut, Carevi dvori, Modro oko ...
- Touring Jezeras surrounding by country roads that lead to the hidden beaches and beautiful nature and discover some interesting locations (lakes of Jezera, cairns Pudarica, Sv. Rok church, farm of horses and donkeys near the puddle Blato, a peninsula Murtarić ...)


Beach Lovišća is a large pebble bay situated near Tisno and Jezera. Lovišća bay continues on Tisno on the island side towards Murter, looking to the northeast. In Lovišća is settled a high quality camp site and a holiday resort. Beach is clean and rich in content. Most of the beach is pebbly and ideal for children, and a small part consists of concrete decks. Access to the sea is easy from both parts. You can spend an active day with beach volleyball, tennis, mini golf, jet-ski ...Children will enjoy jumping into the water with slides, pedal boats, trampolines, water park... And those who want to enjoy a peaceful vacation will look forward to comfortable chairs, a coffee bar and restaurant, where they can taste domestic beverages and cuisine. Parking is located above the bay and not charged, but there is the entrance fee to the beach.


Beach Zaratić is a town beach of Jezera located on the northern coast of the village, on the village boarders, continuing outside of the village to the beach Sv Andrija in Tisno. Part of the beach which is closer to the village is paved with stone, which descends in a few lines like an amphitheater down to the sea and is ideal for sunbathing. The bottom of the sea under the paved part of the beach is mostly rocky, so for children it is most suitable the shallow pebbly part next to the paved part pf the beach. As ste beach continues outside the village, it slowly turns into a natural stone beach, streaked with small pebble beaches that facilitate access to the sea. A pebbly promenade is situated just a few meters from the sea and protected from the sun by pine trees. This beach has no additional facilities but everything you need can be found in the center which is only a few hundred meters away from the beach.


Beach Lučica is a long, pebbly beach, which is located on the outskirts of the village Jezera on the southern coast, immediately behind the marina. Lučica is the most popular beach in Jezera because it is spacious and close to the village. It is ideal for families with children and elder people, because the sea is easily accessible. One part of the beach is arranged for sunbathing. These concrete blocks that are located directly on the sea, so they are also used as an entrance to the sea. Concrete part of the beach is divided from pebbly part by a quay, where kids enjoy jumping into the sea. On the beach are also showers available and a beach bar that will refresh you with a drink and a tree shade. Bathing zone continues out of the beach Lučica, which is marked by buoys, so if you are looking for more solitude recommend that you move away from other swimmers and look for a more secluded place going south. There is no organized parking near the beach Lučica, but Jezera is a small place so you can easily walk to the beach.


Podjasenovac beach is one of the bays on the south side of the island Murter, with rocky coast and bays filled with pebbles. Within a bay there is a small camp so in this bay you will not have so much  sense of a wild, unspoiled nature as in other bays, but you will therefore be able to freshen up in the beach bar, which operates in the camp. Podjasenovac Beach is located only 1 km from Jezera and can be reached by the country road which is situated just before the entrance Jezera, opposite to the beach and camp Lovišća.


Beach Sv Nikola is a rocky bay deeply cut into the land on the southwest coast of Murter, situated about 1.5 km away from village Jezera. In the bay there is a small harbor with fishing boats and a few houses. On the right side of the shore is spread a rocky beach, which is hardly accessible and recommended only to younger people who have no problem to put a little effort to hatch in the sun on a large rock. Left side of the bay is much tamer and partially covered with pine trees. Country road that leads to the beach of Sv Nikola is located at the entrance of the village Jezera where you should turn right, after the first crossing you should turn left and after a couple of minutes you are there, ready to enjoy the beach.


Beach Koromašna is a quite open and tame pebbly and rocky bay situated on the southwest coast of Murter,  only 1 kilometer away from the village Jezera. Koromašna is reachable by the same country road that leads to the Sv Nikola beach. At the entrance of Jezera you should turn right, after the first crossing you should turn again right and after a couple of minutes you are at the beach. Koromašna is a large bay where you can easily find a strand or a rock away from other swimmers.


Beach Vrtiluka will capture you by its wild nature, azure sea and beautiful view on the nearby islands. Vrtiluka is the first of the bays near Jezera that are spread on the southwest coast of the island Murter. Distance to Jezera is around two kilometers. This beach is accessible by a network of unpaved roads that lead through the olive fields and pine forests, especially interesting to cyclists and hikers. Beach Vrtiluka can be reached by car, but part of the road to the beach is quite steep so it is better to park a little further.


Beach Gušćica is a small, beautiful, natural bay situated on the north coast of the island Murter, away from the village Jezera just around one kilometer. It is easily reached on foot or by bike or by car driving through a country road. The central part of the beach is pebbly, while shores are rocky and not easily accessible, so we suggest you to bring your smimming shoes in order to be able to easily enter into the sea and enjoy the crystal clear water and unspoiled natural beauty of this beach.


Beach Kamenčine is the first in a series of beautiful natural bays that continue to the beach Lučica, city beach of Jezera. If you are looking for seclusion and unspoiled nature, this beach will be the closest selection, since it away from Jezera less than one kilometer and easily accessible through the country road going through the olive groves, wide enough so it can reached by car. To the beach Kamenčine your trip starts from the marina towards the hotel Say where is situated an extension for this country road. Any crossing from this road will take you to a different beach: Kamenčine, Gušćica i Vrtiluka.. Beach Kamenčina is located on the northeast coast of the island of Murter, it is a pebbly beach with rocky shores.


Apartments in the center of Jezera are an excellent choice for those who˙s priority is to have all the facilities that Jezera offer nearby: restaurants, cafes, shops ... and also two beaches on a couple of hundred meters away. While renting an apartment is a center of Jezera, you will easily forget the car and comfortable summer atmosphere here will convert the center of Jezera in your personal living room. We recommend apartments with a lovely terrace overlooking the sea, with which you can track ships and events in the port. Boat moorings are easy to find in the port, you just need to speak with an authorized person from sports and fishing society called Punta rata who takes care of the moorings.


Apartments near the beach Zaratić are favorite location for many old visitors of Jezera. Rent an apartment close to Zaratić beach and you will feel that in a couple of steps you have found yourselves in oasis of untouched nature, while the center is located at a distance of only a few hundred meters. The apartments are located near the sea or on a hill and have a magnificent sea view of the sea, on the nearby islets, marina and beach. Some houses near Zaratić beach have a mooring place for boat.


Lučica is the most popular beach in Jezera so the apartments along this beach are particularly sought and valued. This long and pebbly beach is ideal for swimming for the whole family as the access to the sea is easy and there can easily find a spot which is for everybody˙s taste. The area around Lučica is a quiet zone on the outskirts of the village with a lot of new private houses with comfortable apartments. Marina is situated nearby, and the center of Jezera is located on about 300-400 meters distance.


If you are attracted to the vacation in authentic local ambiance we recommend apartments in the old part of Jezera which is called Selo (the village). Stone houses and narrow alleys, gardens with fig and mulberry trees, a view on the field gwown in olive trees and grape vine, and famous lake (Jezero) give the magic atmosphere of the old village. The village is not situated directly on the sea, it is just a little further from the bay where the center of Jezera is spread. A road through the field is leading to two beautiful beaches – Sv Nikola and Koromašna, located about a kilometer away, and nearby is also the beach Lovišća.

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