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If you want to spend your vacation in a small, quiet island village in an idyllic Mediterranean athmosphere, where everything is close an all at hand, we recommend you the vacation in Betina. Betina is the smallest village on the island Murter. It is known for its beautiful, old stone made ancient centre and traditional wood shipbuilding. A long coastline promenade of Betina encourages recreation. The beaches are located in the village, they are pebbly and easily accessible, ideal for families with children. Betina is attractive for boat owners because along its coastline there is a lot of houses with boat mooring, and the village also has a marina. Those looking for a bit livelier life will easily walk to the nearby Murter, with which Betina boarders.


Betina is situated around Artić peninsula on the north coast of the island Murter. The old part of the village called Dolac with its stone houses and streets rises from the sea and the harbor all the way to the church on the hill. Over time Betina has spread to the northwest and settled a sandy bay called Zdrače, situated minutes from the village Murter, while to the northeast it has spread along the coast to the bay Plitka Vala situated towards village Tisno. On the mainland villages of Betina and Murter are partially divided with the large field that was once nourished its inhabitants, who even today are engaged in agriculture, and shipbuilding. To their field and agricultural tradition the inhabitants of Betina have dedicated the festivity called "Day of Betina tomatoes" which is held on the last Saturday in July. Tomatoes planted in a still sun drenched Betina field ripe with specifically full flavor and they are worth to be included on your menu while you're on vacation in Betina. Yet, "Day of Betina tomatoes" is not the biggest festivity in Betina. The entire island feast with Betina on the first Saturday in August when "Dan brganje" is held, a festivity in honor of the shell which has been caught in channel of Betina with a special tool called brganja.
The center of Betina lives peacefully. Several restaurants and cafes, promenade with bridges that connect little quays create the atmosphere of harmony and walking is that you'll be thinking about that life in the Mediterranean certainly once looked like this. The peaceful harmony continues to the beaches of Betina which are located in the village. The beaches are sandy and pebbly and never crowded. Beautiful natural bay Kosirina is situated approximately 1, 5 km from Betina, and you can reach it on foot using an old, to traffic partially closed road situated along the coast. They are no hotels in Betina but accommodation can be easily find in one of the apartments. We can offer you apartments at all locations in Betina, and in our offer we have a couple of villas with swimming pool. Please consult our  "Guide for selecting location of apartment" to get better acquainted with some interesting locations in Betina and select the one that suits your needs the best.

We recommend
- Swimming at some of the beaches of Betina - Zdrače, Bilave, Plitka Vala, Kosirina
- Walking down the narrow alleys of the old Betina called Dolac
- Going up to one of the sightseeing spots - St. Rok or Gradina
- Renting a boat and visit the small island Sustipanac situated near Betina
- Going on a excursion to the National Park Kornati
- Tasting the Betina tomato
- Visiting the wood shipyard and see how the old masters make boats.
- Eating dinner at one of the restaurants - Trabakul, Marinero, Stari Mlin
- Cycling along an old, to traffic partially closed road which goes from Betina to the village of Tisno


Beach Zdrače is the town beach of Betina located in a bay on the edge of town close to Murter. The beach is popular for families with small children because of its easy access for swimming as well as because it has a plenty of facilities for children. Playground is fully fenced and it has a slide, swings and seesaws. Next to the playground there is a football field with artificial grass. Beach Zdrače is divided into two parts separated by a small waterfront ideal for diving. Part of the beach near the playground  is closer Murter and it is is pebbly which sand in the shallow water. Part of the beach closer to the center of Betina is paved and suitable for sunbathing. These concrete blocks provide a direct access to the fine sand in the sea. On the beach can be used showers and among additional facilities there is also a beach bar. The shade is provided by a couple of huge pine trees as well as  the tamarisk line, and the parking lot that is used with charge.

Plitka vala

Beach Plitka Vala is a long, shallow, sandy bay situated near Betina. Beach continues to houses that spread along the northeastern coast of Betina. Shallow zone of sand and fine pebble spreads into the sea up to forty meters. Apart from being a shallow, Plika Vala is a closed bay, so the sea there is always a few degrees warmer than on other beaches. The beach is ideal for a swim in the warm and safe water for children and non swimmers. To the sandy bay continues a rocky coast, so swimming zone extends up to the next bay Lovišća in Tisno. The entire area is covered with pine and olive trees and on the part of the bay is also situated a camping site. Freshen up and get something to eat in a coffee bar and a restaurant that is a part of the camp.


Beach Bilave a new beach in Betina located near the center of Betina. The beach is pebbly, easily accessible and convenient for children and the elderly. Pebbles are scattered with rocks which appear as islands emerge and adorn the beach. A quay next to the beach is ideal for diving, and the pebbly part of the beach is a favorite starting point for surfers which windsurf in Betina channel. On the beach there is not much shade, only a line of tamarisks. A large parking lot is situated next to the beach and is used with charge. Beach Bilave has no facilities but it is situated a few steps from the center of Betina which abounds in restaurants, cafes, shops ...


Kosirina Beach is a large bay closed by a peninsula, located on the southwest coast of Murter island. It is situated about 1.5 km from Betina and about 3 km from Murter. Travelling by road to Murter you will notice this bay. A view from the road to the beach Kosirina and the National Park Kornati is breathtaking so a sightseeing spot next to the road has become a popular stop for tourists who take photographs and bring this memory to their homes. The entire bay is sandy but the sand is only found in the sea, while the coast is diverse – scree bays, rocky shores, pebbly coves, sheet rocks etc. Kosirina is a really big bay so you will surely find a nice place to swim, according to your taste, and what is more importantly you will find a bit of solitude that is so hard to find in during summer. Edges of the bay function as an unofficial nude beach. Along the bay is also possible to camp, and among contents there are two beach bars, one of which we particularly recommend is casual beach bar Fjaka. Kosirina is mostly covered with pine trees and olive trees. The sea is attractive for diving and near the island in the middle of the bay there is an interesting archaeological diving site.


Apartments in the center of Betina are a good choice for those who want to spend a quiet holiday and to be the center of an ancient small town. Betina is a quiet, peaceful place and in the center of Betina you will be able to rest in silence. The houses are mostly made of stone and particularly attractive apartments are situated next to the sea in small houses in the old part of Betina. Narrow streets are preventing access by car and there is no traffic. There are only narrow alleys to the house, coastline in front of the house where you can swim and moor a boat.


Apartments near beach Plitka Vala spread along the sea for more than a kilometer on the northeast coast of Betina. Placed at the location between the center and the new beach on one side and Plika Vala beach on the other side, the apartments at this location have a small beach and a little harbor with a berth in front of the house, as well as a beautiful view of the old town center of Betina. Plitka Vala is the most wanted location in Betina. It is ideal for cycling and wind surfing.


Apartments near the town beach Zdrače are a good choice for those who want to spend a vacation with little children without using a car so much. The apartments are situated in a location that is close to the center and Betina  as well as city centre of Murter. Zdrače beach is a pebbly and sandy beach , with parts made of  concrete and plenty of facilities for children. The beach has swings, seesaws, football field and the sailing club nearby.


Apartments near the new beach in the area Bilave have good central location between the center and the beach zone Plitka Vala. This beautiful, new pebble beach is easily accessible and ideal for children and the elderly. The beach is never crowded, and from there takes a few minutes to go for coffee or ice cream in the center of Betina.

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